Empty Handed Ocean

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These days I feel like I am barely afloat

In an ocean of emotion.

Feels like the walls are closing in,

it’s either sink – or swim.

Uncomfortable in my own skin.

Feels like the end, but I have yet to begin.

Got to keep on swimming – because I don’t relish in

The thought of having to do this all again.

This time when I set out, got to set out to win.

Creator, I’m just asking for gills and some fins.

I feel so alone, when I am surrounded by friends.

They seem to see something inside me

that I don’t understand. 

I just want out of this ocean,

to bury my head in the sand.

Doesn’t make me feel like I am much of a man.

This wasn’t part of my plan

But I think you should understand.

Growing up – I was raised by my mothers hands.

Bless her heart, she never loved another man.

And so I learned to say “Please, Thank You and Yes Ma’am.”

To hold the door open for my elders,

women and children when they walk in.

I had to teach myself how to work with my hands,

how to live off the land.

There’s a whole lot of things I never learned

that are considered manly –

hunting, fighting, fucking and demanding.

Being to full of pride to accept a hand,

providing for a family, taking a lady by the hand

and showing her that I am in command. 

It didn’t work out how I planned –

and now I’m sifting through the sand.

Searchin’ for the remedy –

But I came up Empty Handed.



Mirror, Mirror…

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What is it I hope for and will to exist?

Positivity, health, honesty, truth and strong relationships.

We are all co-dependent on one another to subsist.

Each of us have our own struggles to overcome and experience bliss.

And alone on that path with no companions must we travel.

Searching and learning the great mystery begins to unravel.

In our dreams and imaginings places unknown we do travel.

Those times seem long gone, every day a new battle.

Rattled and shaken – frightened and scared,

We retreat within, it’s safer in here.

While most of us stumble alone in our fears,

Our spirit it calls us, to look in the mirror.

Our sense based existence and everything as it appears,

Is simply a reflection of what stares back at us in our mirrors.

With truth as your sword, and honesty as your armor,

Face your monster and slay it with honor.

When our monsters are vanquished, our spirits spring forth,

Unlocking locks, and opening doors.

Starting wildfires in the hearts of our cohort.

Spirits sailing, god-self at the helm,

We begin to manifest our own inner-realm.

Ilussions of Granduer

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Taking some time again to look within,

trying to discover what my feelings are saying

I’ve been hoping and praying for an easy translation

when I dig deep down it feels like misinformation

it could be I’m lying to myself,

which would explain my deteriorating health

battling with the self,

trying to make some sense out of the hand that I’ve been dealt

and so today I knelt, bedside and turned inside

no convenient place to hide, and again I wondered why

Why am I lying to myself, my partner and everyone else

the things I’m not content with are things in myself

I’m clearing off this dusty shelf,

making space for the things I can cling to;

the things I wanna sing to

dreams, honesty, faithfulness,

intuition, compassion, truth,

understanding, love, eternal youth.

I’m not writing this down for it to be soothing

it’s supposed to be a reminder that I should

be always pursuing, never getting stagnant, forever keep moving

when I am discontent I need to look within

and really analyze what’s going on under my skin

it’s easy to blame others

for your own source of disenchantment

and it’s okay to feel robbed

when you feel you’ve lost your magic

It’s your responsibility to reach back out and grasp it

to understand it, to be it and become it,

then let it go and set it free for the great spirit to see

sifting through these feelings to discover what is actually me.

Some intuitive wisdom….

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Remember….. the things you cannot control.

Do not let these things hurt or harden your heart and spirit.

You are who you are, these things should not change a man.

If others lack the vision to recognize your beauty and mission,

it does not make you any less beautiful or your mission any less righteous.

It is a fact that people who have this gift of sight exist,

and they always recognize a kindred spirit.

So…. fret not about the judgements of others,

for only you are privy to the knowings of your soul.

Hopefully you are content in that knowledge!


You are a spiritual being, having a human experience.

Sun Salute

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Wake up in the morning, hit the ground runnin’

Stretch and yawn offer my prayers to the sun.

Each morning with the sunrise

a chance to renew,

a chance to do all those things that you thought you couldn’t do.

So I rise feeling new – collect my thoughts like the dew,

Focus on my plans and try to follow through.

 I got a mission it’s true – and most probably do

In the things I pursue, stay honest and couth.

I try to raise the roof when our frequencies are in tune.

So catch a glimpse of the moon, get out of bed before noon.

Watch the sunrise, and feel your spirit renewed.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

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In Lak’ech Ala K’in

mirroring everything

my soul responds

with love and truth

I remain forever in it’s youth

your soul a mirror

to my own,

yet earthly treasures

are only loaned.

Upon this earth,

I find my home

Forever – the Universe,

my soul will roam

Alone at times

I feel I travel,

the great mystery

I long to unravel.

Dreams it seems

unconscious things

hidden in obscuring themes

In Lak’ech Ala K’in, it means;

I am You and You are Me.


•March 12, 2010 • 2 Comments

Just a quick note to say that thanks to the wordpress staff, I found a way to edit the publish dates on my writing, and have chronologically organized them now from 2005 – Present. I think this will help my readers get a better sense of the progression I have gone through from 2005 to now. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest, support and appreciation. I am stoked to be able to be doing this in a public forum where interested parties can feel at home to peruse and understand where my work comes from!

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